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Why Don’t Most Businesses Get Good Results From Twitter?

When your business posts a tweet on Twitter, the tweet appears at the top of the timeline of everyone who follows you.  However, as soon as someone else tweets, your tweet is knocked off the top spot.  As more and more tweets come in, your tweet drops down the timeline until it disappears from sight.

The only people who will ever see your tweet are the people that look at Twitter at the time when your tweet is near the top of their timeline!

In other words, your tweet only has a useful lifespan that can be measured in minutes rather than hours or days. So if you are only tweeting once every day or so, your marketing message will only be seen by very few people.


Here’s a short video with more information…


The options listed below let you choose how many tweets per day you’d like me to send for you, and whether you also want me to build the number of Twitter followers you have. Simply choose your preferred option and click the ‘Order’ button. Once your Direct Debit is set up, I’ll then contact you by email to get the information I need to start creating your tweets for you.

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per month
50 unique tweets created for you
7 tweets posted per day - every day
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